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Cooking & Health

We know that it’s healthier to eat at home instead of eating out or ordering in, but cooking every day is usually easier said than done! According to the National Poll on Healthy Aging, almost half of older adults (47%) said that they or someone in their household cooked “frequently” (6-7 days) in the previous week. The same report found that cooking at home was more common for adults between the ages of 65 and 80 than it was  for adults age 50 and 64. Additionally, survey respondents who identified as White or multi-race were more likely to have cooked dinner at home more often than respondents who identified as Black.  

Why do some older adults struggle with cooking? 

  • The time commitment (28%) 
  • They find cooking difficult (14%) 
  • Cooking is too expensive (9%) 
  • Poor physical or mental health 
  • Adults who report struggling with cooking are more often to have poor physical or mental health.  

Why is this important? 

We know that isolation is a big issue for older adults. This research shows that isolation can negatively affect many different aspects of an individual’s life.  

Where to find cooking classes near you (free of cost unless otherwise stated): 

Visit the Ahead of the Curve Resource Directory to find food assistance programs near you.  

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