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Emergency Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month. Day-to-day life can get pretty hectic, so National Preparedness Month acts as a set time to pause, prepare, and make sure you and your loved ones are protected. Given all the extreme weather we witnessed over the summer, now seems like a great time to look into preparedness! 

What types of things should I be prepared for? 

Step 1: Create a plan 

Step 2: Create a kit 

  • Basic supplies include: 
  • NOTE: Prior to COVID19, congregate meal/senior café participants were able to receive boxes of non-perishable emergency food. This program is currently on hiatus until further notice. Contact Marti Lachapell, Human Services Program Specialist, at (734) 544-2977or for more information.  

Step 3: Practice, Practice, Practice!

You could have the best, most intensive plan on the block, but it won’t do you much good if it’s only on paper. Take time a couple times a year to make sure your information is still up to date and meets you needs, and that you and your loved ones know what the plan is when an emergency occurs.


Stay safe out there!

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