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Keeping in Touch while social distancing

It can be hard to remember a time before we knew the term “social distancing.” With Covid-19 still a concern, how do we keep in touch with loved ones while keeping them safe?  

FaceTime– if you use Apple products, you’re probably familiar with FaceTime, Apple’s video calling platform. For more information, click here.  

Google Hangouts– if you use a Droid phone or have a Gmail account, you may be familiar with Hangouts, Google’s video calling platform. Learn more at  

Skype– this is one of the classic video chat platforms and has been around for a number of years.Download at  

Facebook Messenger– this is an easy platform to use if you and the people you want to chat with already have Facebook accounts. Click here for more information about Facebook Messenger.  

WhatsApp– Whatsapp is a very popular video chatting platform. Although it’s owned by Facebook, it boasts end-to-end encryption and is a secure platform. Download and learn more at  

Discord– popular with people that play video games, this platform also offers video chatting. Download Discord here.  

Houseparty– originally popular with teens, Houseparty allows users to video chat and play virtual games together. Click here to download.  

Zoom– once synonymous with video chatting, Zoom has recently come under fire for potential security risks and may collect user information. Visit to learn more.  

Oscar Senior– this is a customizable platform for caregivers that includes medication management, caregiver education, and video calling. Learn more at  

Other notes: 

  • All of these platforms need a webcam and wifi to work 
  • Make sure to find a quiet space with good lighting for the video call 
  • Click here for a list of general online tips for older adults

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