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Managing personal finances for you and your loved one

There’s something about a new year that can really motivate you to be more efficient. This time last year on the blog we looked at ways caregivers can get organized and stay on top of their loved one’s paperwork. Today we’re going to be looking at a similar topic- how to manage finances for you and your loved one.  

Basic personal finance tips for you, the caregiver 

Getting started with managing a loved one’s finances 

Important tips for caregivers 

Be on the lookout for signs of scams!  

  • Know your loved one’s spending habits and look for unusual purchases (e.g., if they tend to be frugal and you notice a sudden large ticket purchase such as a TV). 
  • If your loved one mentions having a new “friend” that needs a lot of financial help, they may be being taken advantage of. 
  • If you see a large charge for gift cards or money transfer companies like Western Union, it could mean that your loved one has been scammed.  

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