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Preventing Pests: Bed Bugs

Every once in a while we get request for a blog post from a community member or senior service professional. Today’s blog post comes at the request of numerous older community members. Bed bugs are especially nasty pests because they can happen year-round and can be very difficult to get rid of completely. While they don’t have an active season, some estimate that their activity peaks in August, while others argue that they peak in October.  

Preventing Bed Bugs 

What to do if you think you have an infestation 

What are your rights as a tenant? 

  • Michigan doesn’t explicitly mention bedbugs in state laws, but is trying to pass legislation to better define tenants’ rights.
  • This blog post by MSU outlines the roles of tenants and landlords regarding bed bugs.
  • Michigan State University also offers Tenant/Landlord legal advice. You can contact them at 1-517-336-8088. 
  • The State Office of the Attorney General can be contacted at 1-877-765-8388.

Local Resources (via Barrier Busters) 

Bed bugs can happen to anyone and are not a comment on you or your housekeeping. Don’t let shame or embarrassment stop you from getting treatment. The longer you wait to treat bed bugs, the worse the infestation can be. 

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