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Protecting Yourself Against Shingles

Did you know that there’s a new shot to prevent shingles? Released to the public in 2017, Shingrix, a newer two-step vaccine aimed at people aged 50 and over to protect them from the Shingles. Having more options for the vaccine is exciting, since it could be difficult to find and schedule both doses of the older vaccine within the six-month window.  

What is Shingles? 

Why is this important? 

The chances of contracting Shingles are huge; 1 in 3 adults in the US will get Shingles. Shingles is closely related to the Chicken Pox virus. After having Chicken Pox or the Chicken Pox vaccine, the virus stays dormant in your nerve tissues and could potentially become Shingles in the future. You can also contract Shingles if you haven’t had Chicken Pox. Age is another risk factor for Shingles since our immune systems naturally weaken as we age.  

What if I already had the older vaccine or had shingles? 

Where can I find the vaccine? 

How much does it cost? 

Make sure to talk with your doctor if you have any questions about being vaccinated against Shingles.  

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