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Staying Active During Quarantine

Coronavirus and quarantine have changed what our everyday lives and routines look like. One effect of quarantine is that Americans are becoming more sedentary. As we’ve mentioned on the blog before, physical activity has a lot of benefits, including better heart healthstress management, and decreasing your risk of falling. The World Health Organization recommends that older adults should be active at least three days per week to improve balance and potentially prevent falls. CBC published a guide for finding the right exercise for your needs, and we’ve rounded up some popular online exercise programs!  

Protecting Yourself 

  • If you’re exercising with other people or outside be sure to stay at least 6 feet away from other people 
  • Bring a mask in case you’re unable to stay 6 feet away 

Exercising at Home 

This is a partial list. Many gyms and programs are hosting exercise videos on their website, Facebook page, or on Youtube.  

General Workouts 

Chelsea Senior Center- Senior Exercise with Karen (Free) 

Chelsea Senior Center- Senior Exercise with Pam (Free) 

Fitness Blender (Free) 

Heart and Soul Fitness (Free) 

Planet Fitness- Together We Move (Free, open to the community) 

Senior Exercises Online (Free) 

Silver Sneakers Live (Some fees apply, talk with your insurance provider) 

Silver Sneakers On Demand (Some fees apply, talk with your insurance provider) 


Saline Area Senior Center- Hatha Yoga ($35)

Yoga with Adriene (Free) 

Yoga with Adriene- Yoga For Seniors (Free) 

Yoga For Seniors (Free) 

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi for Beginners (First video is free) 


Club Pilates (Free) 

Chair Exercise 

Heart and Soul Fitness (Free) 

Yoga & Meditation (Free) 

Yoga For Seniors (Free) 

Saline Area Senior Center- Chair Yoga ($35)


MSN article- Why Walking is the Best Exercise During Coronavirus 


Saline Area Senior Center- Seniors on Strength Class ($35)

Saline Area Senior Center- Strong Balance Class ($25)

CDs/songs for download to accompany your workout (Purchase required) 

Hoping you stay strong, healthy, and safe – the Ahead of the Curve Team

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