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Staying Active During Winter (with bonus Covid tips!)

Today on the blog we’re taking a look at another of the most common new year’s resolutions: being more active/exercising more. We’ve all heard that staying active has a lot of positive benefits ranging from strengthening musclespreventing falls, and even reducing the odds of contacting certain diseases, but it can be hard to do when it’s colder outside and all we want to do is hibernate!  

How can you stay active? 

  • On a nicer temperate day, bundle up and go for a walk outside or in a park. Make sure to bring a cloth mask and keep 6-feet apart from other walkers! 
  • Get up and walk around your home once every hour (this is also a great way to scan the floor for potential tripping/falling hazards). 
  • Look online for simple bodyweight exercises you can do without any equipment.  

Unfortunately, due to Covid there aren’t as many indoor options for exercise as gyms and senior centers may not be fully open (or you may not feel safe going back yet). The internet helps fill that void with streaming classes and videos. This is only a partial list. Many gyms and programs are hosting exercise videos on their website, Facebook page, Instagram, or on YouTube.   

Local Health & Fitness Classes (some fees may apply) 

General Workouts  

Chelsea Senior Center- Senior Exercise with Karen (Free)  

Chelsea Senior Center- Senior Exercise with Pam (Free)  

Fitness Blender (Free)  

Heart and Soul Fitness (Free)  

Planet Fitness- Together We Move (Free, open to the community)  

Senior Exercises Online (Free)  

Silver Sneakers Live (Some fees apply, talk with your insurance provider)  

Silver Sneakers On Demand (Some fees apply, talk with your insurance provider)  

YMCA offers YMCA At Home 

Many libraries carry a variety of workout DVDs. This could be a fun, free option if your library is offering curbside pickup.  


Yoga with Adriene (Free)  

Yoga with Adriene- Yoga For Seniors (Free)  

Yoga For Seniors (Free)  

Tai Chi  

Tai Chi for Beginners (First video is free)  


Club Pilates (Free)  

Chair Exercise  

Heart and Soul Fitness (Free)  

Yoga & Meditation (Free)  

Yoga For Seniors (Free)  

Wishing you a safe and healthy new year! 

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