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Where to turn for ID-besides the Secretary of State

It’s an election year and you’re excited to vote. As an older adult you arrange for a ride to the polling place (either from a taxi or a neighbor) and stand in line for an hour. When it’s your turn to vote you’re turned away because you don’t have a current ID. You haven’t driven in years- how are you supposed to get an ID? 

Identification is something we need more and more in today’s world. How else are we supposed to prove who we are if we don’t have ID? Unfortunately, an estimated 26,000 Washtenaw County residents lack current, up to date identification.  Thankfully, there’s a program that’s working to change that. 

The Washtenaw ID Program, part of Synod Community Services, has created its own form of identification that Washtenaw County residents can easily apply for, even if they don’t have a permanent address. 

How do I get a Washtenaw ID? 

If you need help with the process, you can schedule an appointment with their ID Support Clinic

How is the Washtenaw ID different than a traditional ID? 

Washtenaw ID cards are distributed at the Washtenaw County Clerk’s Office (200 N. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104) Monday- Friday from 8:00am until 4:30pm.

Another viable option could be a State ID.

Contact your branch of the Secretary of State for more information. 

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