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You might be a caregiver if…

Do you care for a loved one full time and live with them? Do you hire a nurse to stay with your loved one and visit periodically? Do you live in a different state and research resources for your loved one? Do you have a neighbor you regularly check up on?  

If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, congratulations- you’re a caregiver! 

Caregivers come in all ages, living arrangements, and relation to the person they’re caring for. Caregivers perform a variety of duties, including: 

  • Driving to and from appointments 
  • Helping with daily errands (e.g., going to the bank) 
  • Helping with medication management 
  • Being there for emotional support 
  • Helping with personal care (e.g., showering)  
  • Food/meal preparation  
  • Talking with doctors  

We’ve talked before on the blog about starting the caregiving journey, respite, the importance of self-care, and avoiding compassion fatigue. For more caregiver services, visit the Ahead of the Curve Resource Directory.  

Join us starting next week when we’ll be featuring famous caregivers for National Family Caregiving Month!  

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